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It gives us a great pleasure to introduce ourselves as the leading and well reputed firm offering a one stop shop for a wide range of Industrial and Institutional Washroom Hygiene products which includes Automatic Aerosol Dispenser Units, Automatic Toilet Cleaner Cum Deodorizers, Soap Dispensers (Manual & Automatic), Tissue Papers & Dispenser, Hand Dryers, Electronic Insect Killer, Wide Range of Cleaning Trolleys and Buckets, Stainless St...

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Fed-Up of Bad Smell At Any location

Get rid of bad smells and improve air quality with the right commercial air freshener a Ultra Modern Fully Automatic digital Micro Programmable Air Freshner - Neutralizer Systems.

What you can’t see in a washroom is as important as what you can. Get rid of bad smells by treating the air to remove bad smell. Our air care solutions, including a variety of air fresheners, advanced air neutralizer and effective odor control systems, not only neutralize unpleasant odors but also improve overall air quality of your space.

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Continuous Odour Control 

• Continuous odour control 24 hours a day creating a pleasant washroom environment

• Targets malodours at the molecular level leaving behind a fresh, clean scent

How Does It Work?

Air Freshner unit continually releases an odour neutralizing formula into the washroom environment. When serviced on a predetermined schedule by our expert technicians, it manages odours effectively and continuously



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Our Products

Air Freshener Dispenser

Product Features:

The Design - High End Aesthetic Design to perfectly match with ultra modern looks.
The Fragrance Properties - Odor neutralizer with strong fragrance that stays in the air for maximum time.  High concentrated and long lasting quality fragrance that leaves a refreshing mood all the time.

The Quality Commitment - Dispensing Systems & Refills conforming to International Quality Standards followed worldwide. Compact 100ml refill gives guaranteed 3000 metered sprays.
After Sales Services – Product duly supported and backed with highly qualified Team of Technically sound personnel’s

Dimensions - H 19 X D 7 X W 9 cms.

International Quality Product from Hygiene Fresh HFE Sharjah UAE.

Air Freshener Refills

Refills: Microburst 3000 Fragrance Pack.
Microburst 3000 refills provide the most effective odour neutralizing available today in a compact system. With outstanding odour control properties the clean fresh scents permeate the air with subtle fragrances that reassure washroom users that the room is clean, safe and comfortable.  

The proprietary valve in each 110ml aerosol refills delivers a fine mist spray that travels further into the room and stays longer in the air.

Foam Soap Dispenser

Skin Care System:
Foam Soap System Manual
The System TC Enriched Foam Soap delivers the perfect balance between luxury and value to give you the most popular development in hand care –foaming soaps. This innovative foam system provides the highest quality soap formulas in an extremely efficient dispensing system. It delivers over 2,000 hand washes per refill – up to a 40% savings over both traditional liquid soaps and Competitors’ foam soaps!
The Technology
This ultra hygienic system; features a new foaming pump with every self-enclosed, disposable refill so there is no mess, no clogging and no leaks. The unique pump dispenses pre-lathered, rich foam soap into the palm of your hand for a luxurious hand washing experience.
When empty, the separated bag-in-box refill and pump are disposed of; this ensures a safe and hygienic system.  
The Advantages
• High quality soaps encourage use: Unique formulations with extra dense bubbles and enhanced foam boosters deliver a thicker, richer pre-foamed lather that caresses hands while it cleans for a luxury hand washing experience.
• Improved hygiene: Completely disposable refill with a new pump every time ensures fresh, clean soap. Dispenser handle is infused with permanent antimicrobial silver ion treatment that helps reduce the risk of cross contamination.
• Cost saving: Delivers over 2,000 hand washes per refill to give you up to 40% savings over traditional liquid soap and other foam soaps. Innovative metered pump dispenses 0.4ml with each push vs. 0.7-1.5mlfrom conventional system.
• Low maintenance: More hand wash capacity means refills last longer reducing labor, plus the unique system is designed to work every time…no downtime, dripping or clogging.
The Refills:
TC enriched Foam Soap comes in a variety of formulas that encourage hand washing and meet your requirements from general washing to higher sanitation in the food service and healthcare environment.
Lotion with Moisturizers Foam Soap: Specially formulated for frequent hand washing contains extra mild cleansing ingredients and enriched with moisturizers to help soothe and soften the skin. Rinses clean. PH balanced. Pleasant light citrus scent. Light Blue.
Capacity: 2000 Hand Washes per refill.

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